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Sexy Cat Halloween Makeup by: MissChievous

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OK some people are saying I copied another Youtuber with this video. For the record, I have never heard of this user or her channel nor have I watched the video which I supposedly “copied”. I was inspired for this look by a picture I saw on Google from which I derived my look. It’s really annoying how at Halloween time gurus constantly have to defend themselves against “omg you copied so and so”. I can imagine that we both used the same inspiration pic as it was a beautiful image. Makeup artists take their ideas from many different sources and adapt it to their own liking. I rarely get inspiration for my looks from other Youtubers and if I do, I say so. People who insist on spreading their hate tirades will be blocked, end of story. Thanks for reading.

MALEFICENT (Disney Villain from Sleeping Beauty) Tutorial by: kandeejohnson

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This is the villain from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty…Maleficent. She has great green skin, bright red lips, and purple eyelids! I show you at the end how I made her costume, I know you can buy them, but I just made one from stuff I had at my house!

Natalie Portman Black Swan by: KlairedelysArt

My website:
A makeup tutorial for Natalie Portman’s makeup in the movie Black Swan.
Music by Leah Mertz:
The song used in this video was made for me by Leah for a song cover I wanted to do of LaFee’s song Wer Bin Ich (and still need to do :/) so it’s not on her channel 😦 But who knows maybe she’ll put it up 🙂

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What I used:

-Funky Eyes Black contact lenses:

-e.l.f Face Primer (*):

-Bourjois 10 hr Sleep effect :…

-Foundation Brush: (I used the Sigma Brush but the e.l.f £1.50 brush is just as good)

-Barry M Lip Paint in Cerise Pink (*):

-Barry M Lip Paint in Black:

-Lip Brush (any lip brush will work)

-e.l.f Black Eyeliner Pen:

-e.l.f HD Powder (*):

-e.l.f Sparkle Eye Edition Beauty Encyclopedia (*):

-White Face Paint (any face paint will work):

-e.l.f Golden Bronzer :

-e.l.f Blush Brush:

The items marked above with a (*) were sent to me for consideration, I do not use anything which I don’t like or is expensive. I only use affordable cosmetics. I am affiliated with e.l.f as I make videos for their you tube channel. I am not however paid by e.l.f.

ZoOOOOOombie Make-up Tutorial !!!! by: dope2111

I had a lot of requests on this Look.So I went ahead and did a very simple Zombie Look that everyone could follow .
What i like about this look is, even imperfections can be a good add !!There’s a lot of contouring in this Make-up to create the sunken cheeks and eyes .Have fun creating it … XD


Vampire Costume make-up tutorial by: pixiwoo


Vampire Costume make-up tutorial complete with lipstick on her fangs!

Cruella De Vil Costume Make-Up by: kandeejohnson




Fun Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmations…cartoon make-up…I erased my eyebrows (click here to see how to do it:

Go to my blog to see all the details.. and more pics…you can also get sneak peeks fo upcoming looks!


huge love, smiles, and hugs…..kandee

Intro music my Kevin MacLeod…”sneaky weasel” song….

Betty Boop Halloween Makeup by: MakeupByRisa

Boop boop be do!

Product list and photos can be found here:

Products Used:
MUFE HD Foundation
MUFE HD Powder
Black from MUFE Flash Palette with angled brush
Carbon eyeshadow with angled brush and flat brush
Black Liquid Liner – Prestige
Fascinating Eye Khol – MAC
White from MUFE Flash Palette with flat brush
Gesso Eyeshadow – MAC with flat brush
Cherry Lipliner – MAC
Russian Red Lipstick – MAC

Halloween Makeup Edward Scissorhands Make-up Tutorial by: Goldiestarling


Yes another Burton look… but only because he is the epitome of Halloween to me. Team Edward all the way!
Scar Wax
Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Ivory
White Creme Make-up
Detrivore Cosmetics e/s Fortress
Kat Von D e/s Lucifer
Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder
88 Matte Palette- Plumish Color
Rimmel White eyeliner
RImmel Black eyeliner
Prestige e/s Blanc
Ben Nye Final Seal
Black hairspray

Check out the amazing BlancheBabcock’s Eyebrow Covering tutorial:

Music: Arcadia and Wizardtorium
By: Kevin Macleod

Halloween Makeup Sugar Skull from Purple Crush by: Sylvia Ji Goldiestarling


Hey guys! Time for another Halloween video. This was specifically requested by sourcurdz. Thanks for the request! Hope you guys enjoy!

Rimmel White Eyeliner
NYX Milk Pencil
Mehron Tropical Palette
Mehron Basic Palette
Prestige e/s Blanc
Kat Von D e/s Lucifer
Coastal Scents Gel Liner Black
Lash Adhesive
Raving Beauty e/s Pure Gold
Raving Beauty e/s Electric Purple
Raving Beauty e/s Electric Raspberry

Raving Beauty Mineral Eyeshadows can be found here:

Music: Awkward Meeting
By: Kevin Macleod

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