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Natalie Portman Black Swan by: KlairedelysArt

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A makeup tutorial for Natalie Portman’s makeup in the movie Black Swan.
Music by Leah Mertz:
The song used in this video was made for me by Leah for a song cover I wanted to do of LaFee’s song Wer Bin Ich (and still need to do :/) so it’s not on her channel 😦 But who knows maybe she’ll put it up 🙂

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What I used:

-Funky Eyes Black contact lenses:

-e.l.f Face Primer (*):

-Bourjois 10 hr Sleep effect :…

-Foundation Brush: (I used the Sigma Brush but the e.l.f £1.50 brush is just as good)

-Barry M Lip Paint in Cerise Pink (*):

-Barry M Lip Paint in Black:

-Lip Brush (any lip brush will work)

-e.l.f Black Eyeliner Pen:

-e.l.f HD Powder (*):

-e.l.f Sparkle Eye Edition Beauty Encyclopedia (*):

-White Face Paint (any face paint will work):

-e.l.f Golden Bronzer :

-e.l.f Blush Brush:

The items marked above with a (*) were sent to me for consideration, I do not use anything which I don’t like or is expensive. I only use affordable cosmetics. I am affiliated with e.l.f as I make videos for their you tube channel. I am not however paid by e.l.f.

Accidental Black Swan (ish) Tutorial by Pixiwoo

Other Channel
Mirror Column

Concealer studio finish NW20
Carbon Eyeshadow Mac (black)
Gesso Eyeshadow Mac (white)
Smolder eye pencil Mac (black)
Eve Pearl Black eyeliner
Pearl Cream colour base Mac
Reflects Pearl Mac
Make up forever lash fibers
Make up forever Mat velvet foundation
Laura Mercier powder
Pro bronze Mark
Models own white pencil
Hue Lipstick Mac

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