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Quick, Pretty Half Up Hairstyle Tutorial by: FoxyLocksExtensions

Clip in hair extensions from:

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Music by: Xavery Williams

5 Fierce Hair Styles For Bangs by: solelySHELLY


1. Twist, Pull, Repeat

2. Braiding Hair Along Hair Line

3. Accessorize !!

Plum & Teal Eye Tutorial

Skin Care Routine/Products

How To Get Shelly’s Curls Hair Tutorial

Enzo Milano Curling Iron Inspired Hair Tutorial

Quick & Easy Vintage 40s 50s Hair Tutorial by: Pixiwoo

40s/50s Make-up Videos.
Veronica Lake –
My hair colour is 6.56

Lazy Hair Bun Tutorial by: slumberdoll

Hi YouTube! Long time no see. *u*

This tutorial is for everyone who asked me how I did my hair in this photo , and to those who didn’t believe me when I told them that I don’t even try to make it neat or bother to use a comb for this hairstyle. Lazy bun is called lazy for a reason. This is also how some Koreans do their loose hair buns, I think. Also, you don’t have to have curly hair at the beginning. It just so happened that I was in the mood to do a tutorial after coming home from a photoshoot. Filmed at 11pm. Uploading at 2am. *snore*

Oh, and the adorable bunny onigiri shirt is from :))

Music: Capsule – Sugarless Girl

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Hair Bow Tutorial for Short and Long Hair by: Bebexo


Tutorial for long hair starts at 4:02

Credit: She’s lovely!

Sported often but the infamous Lady Gaga!

There are numerous ways to create hair bows but I like these two methods because it involves no teasing and it’s easy! If you want a smaller bow for the first method just grab less hair 🙂

Sorry about my voice… I’m still recovering after being sick for a week ^_^

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Pinup hair do in a hurry tutorial by: ilovegerardo

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By request, a quick way of styling your hair, pinup style.
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Curls made by
Caruso 30 pc Molecular Hairsetter…

Video tutorial on the curls here:

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10 Quick Cute Hairstyles For School by: PiinkSparkles

10 simple fast but cute hairstyles for on the go!

Hairstyles that are great for school!


Disclaimer: I have NO affiliation with any of the brands shown. I am NOT advertising these products shown in this video. Everything shown was purchased by me. These are my own opinions, i am NOT getting payed for this video.

Hairstyle- Medium/ Short Length Hair by: michikokawashi

A very first hair tutorial video! 🙂
My current hairstyle is in medium length & it’s naturally curly.
For this type of look, it is up to personal choice whether you want to curl it or leave it straight, because it works both ways. Curly/straight-Long/Medium length hair

Curl your hair before style, Small/Big curls works fine!
Remember to use hairspray for long lasting hairstyle and to secure your hair in shape!

I have pretty thin hair, so a few bobby-pins are enough to hold my hair =P
But for people with thick hair, try to use more pins to avoid hair from falling.

Hairstyles great for outing, partying, special occasions and etc.
Have fun & Good luck! 🙂


How hanh takes care of hair in this humid weather by ahanhbarbie34

recommended only when its humid

creep me !!!!!!!!!! hanhbarbie bie

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