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We Moved To A New Site! Truck

We have moved our Official Site to

We would like to thank you all for showing your support on this blog. However, we now have a new site up that is better than ever with an exciting new feature called “Kemmie Tube” 

Kemmie Tube is where you can have Beauty Videos on Demand! All you need to do is type in what you are looking for. If there is a video tutorial about it, Kemmie Tube will bring it right up!

– We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. We hope you all enjoy the new site and the exciting developments we have in store for the future…

See you soon!

Miss Universe – Kryolan Makeup by: OfficialMissUniverse

The right makeup makes a difference. Hear from Kryolan experts and Contestants from Miss Universe 2010.

Exclusive Interview with 2 Time Emmy Award Winning Makeup Effects Artists Joel Harlow

We had the pleasure of interviewing Hollywood Makeup Artist, Makeup Effects Artist, and Sculptor: Joel Harlow. Joel is best known for The Pirate of the Caribbean films, and he has won 2 Emmy Awards as well as Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Award. He shared with us useful information for aspiring makeup artists and behind the scenes details on the movies he has worked on.

What do you specialize in?

All types of makeup, however, prosthetic character makeup for film is my specialty.

What do you love most about your career?

Creating characters. Seeing something I’ve been involved with take shape and come to life.

How did you get started as a makeup artist?

I started in the makeup effects shops in LA. Building prosthetic. Ultimately I was needed to apply some of these makeups due to the complexity of the design, specifically the “working effects” makeups I was involved in.

What is your favorite special effects makeup you have done?

I would have to say it’s a three way tie between Pirates of the Caribbean’s “Bootstrap Bill”, Star Trek’s “Nero”, and a makeup I did for a demonstration: “Uncle Creepy”.

What is the most challenging makeup job you have done?

They are all a challenge in one way or another. The second you start relaxing and stop challenging yourself and your art. That’s when you need to get out.

Any advice for aspiring makeup artists?

Learn from anyone, anywhere…always. Don’t ever allow the politics of this industry to get in the way of your makeup. If you get to the place where you are heading shows then appreciate your crew!

Make sure you are in this for the right reason. This industry doesn’t need anymore people who think they are the star.

If you would like to see Joel at work check out this great video where he creates “Uncle Creepy”

Exclusive Interview: Lifetime’s Blush: In The Search of the Next Great Makeup Artist Sharzad

We spoke to Blush: The Search For the Next Great Makeup Artist contestant Sharzad. The show premiered on Lifetime where 9 aspiring makeup artists try to outdo one another for a one-year contract as a professional with Max Factor, $100,000 in cash, and a chance to show off their skills in a major glossy magazine cover shoot. Sharzad gave us an exclusive interview and gave us insight on the show and what she is up to today.

What was the best experience you had on the show Blush?

The best thing about working on Blush was meeting all the people.  I had so much fun getting to know my fellow contestants, many of whom I am still in touch with.  It was also a pleasure getting to know the judge that kicked me off, lol, Joanna Schlip, who I ended up assisting the past few years.

What is a good way to get into makeup career?I loved doing makeup and playing with makeup since I was a little girl. It wasn’t until I graduated from UCLA that realized I could make a career out of it.  I never had any professional training, but I applied at a MAC counter in West Hollywood and fortunately got the job.  After eight months I was ready to move on and I landed a job as a makeup artist with Chanel and later YSL at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills.  I was the youngest makeup artist working there at the time.  After another year of retail it was time for me to pursue freelance.  I quit my steady job, took a leap of faith and never looked back!  Working as a freelance makeup artist is a tricky thing to do.  It’s not for everyone.  One month I was on tour making great money every day and the next month I was barely scraping by. When you are a freelance makeup artist you also have to be a business woman. (ie making a website, getting business cards and most importantly marketing yourself ) I would spend HOURS on craigslist applying for every makeup job I saw, that’s actually how I found out about BLUSH!

If makeup is something that you are passionate about, keep doing it and the money will eventually come. Everyone’s path is different

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on my new blog called LuxLyfe. LuxLyfe is a lyfestyle blog with categories that include Beauty, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Travel and Events.  It is a fun, happy, sometimes sassy space where I share my recommendations on everything I love. My motto is “Follow me if you want to have fun!”

Below is her video response check it out!

What is the Best Type of Liner? Liquid? Pencil? Gel?

We solved one of the hardest questions plaguing a lot of women in this day and age: What is the best type of liner? There are three major liner products liquid, pencil, and gel. We spoke to makeup artists Naz of Makeup by Naz to give us her professional opinion. Here is what she said:

“As far as liners, I prefer gel liners!

I used to be a liquid girl, but after using gel, I will not go back.  I find gel is more forgiving, easier to apply, and lasts absolutely forever.  However, if you want to achieve an exotic look, by lining the inside of your eyes waterline, then I recommend a pencil or another one of my favorite products called Sormeh by Mosha Katani, which is a natural Khol that last for days. It also gives an intensely dark and sexy look while providing nutrients to your lashes.”

We found a great video by that teaches you how to apply gel liner. Enjoy!!!!

Top 5 Best Selling Summer Products

We spoke to Central Coast based Cara Mia owner Kezia; she gave us a list of the Top 5 best selling products this summer. Check them out!

1. Cara Mia’s Custom Blend Lipgloss.  Everyone is wanting a new, brightly colored lipgloss for the summer.  You can choose the texture, color, flavor and even add lip plumper and sunscreen to truly customize it. ($20)

2. Blinc Mascara.  This mascara doesn’t just paint your lashes, it tubes them.  Going swimming, hiking or take a yoga class and this mascara stays put.  No flaking or smudging guaranteed.  Perfect for summer brides. ($25)

3. Cara Mia Solar Defender SPF 30.  Living in southern California we experience sunshine year round, but the summertime brings with it various outdoor activities and even more sun exposure.  Our sunscreen is UVA/UVB protectant and is a physical sunblock meaning it uses ingredients like zinc oxide and green tea to physically block the sun’s rays.  Free of harmful chemicals that most sunscreens rely on for their SPF factor.  This makes it perfect for even the most sensitive of skins. ($35)

4. Cara Mia Custom Blended Mineral Powder Foundation.  During the summer people want quick and easy but still want great coverage and something healthy for their skin.  Our powder is fragrance free, gluten free, talc free and paraben free, as are all of our custom blended products.  You choose the coverage, we perfect the color to match you skin tone exactly.  ($55)

5.  Cara Mia Custom Blend Fragrance.  Everyone, and we mean everyone, is coming in this summer for a fresh new scent.  With over 100 oils to choose from and a staff of experts to help you blend your perfect scent, you can’t go wrong.  Make a perfume ($36) or roller oil ($16) or blend your new scent into our custom blend body butter ($5-$36).

These are our top selling items this summer and you can probably see why….they go hand in hand with the summer. We truly are best known for our custom blending which is why they are our hottest sellers.

What is the One Beauty Product You Should Never Live Without?


We spoke to Mobile Makeup Artist Anna Grimes of and she gave us her professional opinion about bronzer:

“Bronzer is my best friend and if I had to run out the door and could only grab one makeup product it would be my bronzer! My ultimate favorite bronzer that I use everyday, and that is flattering to almost every skin tone, would have to be

Chanel’s Moisturizing Bronzer Powder in Terre Epice.  It gives the skin warmth, a subtle illumination, and is oil-free.

Another favorite of mine, that can be used in many different ways, is Too Faced Caribbean In A Compact – Snow Bunny.  You can sweep your brush over all three colors for a shimmery bronze glow that is not too brown because the pink helps balance it out.  You can also sweep your brush in the white or in the pink for an illuminating effect on your upper cheekbones.”

Thank you Anna for this great tip!!! Readers, because we love you we found a video by  and she shows you “How to Apply Bronzer”. So now you know what are the best bronzers on the market and how to apply it. Enjoy 🙂

Makeup Secret: Do Makeup Primers Really Make A Difference?

The talented makeup artist Brittany McClelland of Santa Barbara, CA and owner of Lokahi Makeup Artistry contributed  extremely useful information to a question a lot of women  ask “Do Makeup Primers Really Make a Difference?”.

“Makeup primers totally make a difference! I don’t work without them. At the bare minimum I always use a good eyeshadow primer to intensify the color as well as keeping the shadow from creasing a couple of favorites are:

Primer Potion by Urban Decay

and for the budget conscious makeup artist, NYX cosmetics makes a very admirable creme primer in 3 different shades/effects.”

Ladies there you have it! Makeup primers are a good investment to your makeup collection. We have an extra surprise tip!!!! We found a great video by  and she shows you “How to Make Your Own Eyeshadow Primer”

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