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Halloween Makeup Edward Scissorhands Make-up Tutorial by: Goldiestarling


Yes another Burton look… but only because he is the epitome of Halloween to me. Team Edward all the way!
Scar Wax
Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Ivory
White Creme Make-up
Detrivore Cosmetics e/s Fortress
Kat Von D e/s Lucifer
Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder
88 Matte Palette- Plumish Color
Rimmel White eyeliner
RImmel Black eyeliner
Prestige e/s Blanc
Ben Nye Final Seal
Black hairspray

Check out the amazing BlancheBabcock’s Eyebrow Covering tutorial:

Music: Arcadia and Wizardtorium
By: Kevin Macleod


Easy Valentine’s Day Red Nails Tutorial by MacNC40

A nice red look ready for Valentine’s Day. wooo! lol.

The video that I’m wearing this look in:

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