Beauty Mavens N-R

NadineJolienyc Nadine Jolie Botox Injections in Frown Lines – Does it Hurt? Nadine Jolie Answers
I’m Nadine and I’m a beauty blogger and writer. You might have read my books, Confessions of a Beauty Addict and Beauty Confidential.
Natures Knockout LAURIE & TIFFANY Headband hairstyle fun using your own hair! |
Mom/daughter celebrity makeup & hair team….teaching you to be a knockout naturally!
Nikkie Tutorials Nikkie Beyoncé – Why Don’t you Love me / Makeup Tutorial.
I LOVE to wear fierce, bright and smokey looks..But now and then a girl loves it to be more natural..So I do that too!
Panacea81 Lauren Rihanna & Angelina Jolie cat eyeliner eye make up tutorial
I have become the Nice & Easy brand ambassador 🙂
Petrilude Josh Unzipped Makeup Tutorial
I make pretty.
PhillyzJamPoet JamPoet Janet Collection Human Hair King Yaky Weaving Quick Weave- LisaRaye and Aaliyah compliments
I’m your friendly neighborhood poet with a hand in almost everything community and artistic related.
Pixi woo Samantha and Nicola Drag Make-up Tutorial
Sam & Nic teach make-up
Pixi2woo Tanya Burr First Date Makeup Tutorial
A pro makeup artist talking about the best beauty buys and creating beautiful makeup tutorials.
pursebuzz Elessa Makeup Tutorial: How to Fake Abs
Mulimedia Make-Up artist Elessa Jade shows you how to prep and prepare for the beauty world.
Queen of Blending MUA Lauren From Simply Neutral to Avant Garde!!
I am a REAL working freelance makeup artist in the Los Angeles,CA area!
QueenBeeuty Kalel Cullen Random: Crazy New Hair!!
Expect the unexpected. I like to mix things up a bit…
RachhLoves Rachel Lauren Conrad Braid – Cute Lacebraid Hair Tutorial
Big sisterly advice for beauty, hair & style tutorials, life and more. Come hang out with me 🙂
Rice Bunny Michelle Phan Bloopers For Brush Cleaning
My name is Michelle and this charity channel is dedicated to beauty reviews, hauls, favorites, quick tips and other random Vlogs.
Rosebud143 Rose Russo HOW TO CUT YOUR HAIR and get the perfect haircut

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