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Anne Hathaway “OSCARS red carpet” make up inspired tutorial by: panacea81

Hia everyone,
My Vanity Fair article 🙂 yippppeee!

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Hope you enjoy the winning look for our red carpet oscars contest.
You chose Anne Hathaway as the winning look so I hope I did you all proud.

Here is the picture

The products used
MAC shadestick beige ing
Loreal hip eye shadow mischeif
Loreal hip platinum
Lancome liquid eye liner
My own line blush
MAC melt down lipstick

Thanks so much for watching subscribing but most of all enjoying

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Cher Lloyd X Factor Hard Knock Life Make up Look by Panacea81

Hia everyone,
Hope you enjoy my first Cher Lloyd make up inspired look.

The products used were:
Bobbi brown foundation 2.5
My own eye primer
Wales palette from ebay fawn eye shadow
Wales palette from ebay metalic silvery blue eye shadow
UNE eye brow pencil brown
Pink eye shadow on cheeks from the wales palette
Sephora crazy horse red/orange lipstick
False lashes natural spikey

Thanks for watching, subscribing and being utterly fabulous to me.

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MAC RARE matte Turquoise pigment dupe look by Panacea81

Hia everyone,
I found this eye shadow pigment by Collection 2000 Dazzle me eye shadow Tinkerbell

and i bought it because its the closest thing I have come across to MAC matte pigment Turquoise which was discontinued years ago. I sold my last tub on ebay ages ago ;( SOB!

Thanks so much for watching, subscribing and being absolutely lovely to me.

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Tim Burtons Cheshire Cat Inspired Make Up Tutorial by Panacea81

Hia Everyone,

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I hope you like my Tim Burtons cheshire cat makeup look. If you have any requests, send them to me on twitter or leave them in the comments here. Il do my best.

Product list coming soon.

Thanks a million for watching and hope you enjoy!

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