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Vanessa Hudgens Wavy Hair Tutorial by MakeupByRenRen

Hi Bellas,
Today is my first hair tutorial! I get a little bit of help from my friend Ashley. We show you how to curl your hair with a flat iron.

All of the products used today can be found at
Flat Iron:…

T-Rex Hair Clips:…

The look is inspired by the popular Vanessa Hudgens from High School. My hair didn’t turn out exactly like hers because my hair isn’t quite as long but this technique should work on everyone.

I’ve been practicing Ashley’s tips since then and I can curl it now!

Check out the video highlights!
1:19 Use a hair protectant
1:48 How to section hair
1:56 How to make the curl
3:33 Really cool hair clips
3:58 Review of T3 Glow flat iron
4:40 Makeup Time! Ashley’s before and after
5:46 A speeded up look at the hair curling process
6:03 How to curl the top of the hair while maintaining volume
6:45 Options for curling bangs
7:38 Finishing off the hair with a serum or cream
8:15 The final look!

Check out tomorrow for a full entry 🙂

Foundation for Women of Color Featuring Eve Pearl Cosmetics by MakeupByRenRen

Hi Bellas,

I’m back with another tutorial. This video is actually geared towards applying foundation on women of color. I get requests from a lot of women of color on how to apply foundation and make it look right…which involves blending multiple tones together. In this video I use a lot of Eve Pearl products because they’re great on all skin tones. I also use three different models

***Sorry I realize this video is a little fuzzy…but you cans till see what I’m doing. I didn’t want to complete waste the video because you got to see different models of different skin tones and ages.

Check out my video highlights!
1st Model Toni – Shade Tan (dark side) and Dark (light side)
0:59 Prime Face
1:17 Anti-shine
1:50 Correct undereye circles
2:46 Apply foundation – darker around the edges and lighter around the face
4:39 Contour the nose
5:20 Thin out coverage with damp sponge
5:55 Set foundation with powder
6:51 Blush
7:43 Toni’s Final Look
7:55 Model 2 Kenyatta – Shade Dark (darker side) and Deep. Repeat the same steps
10:28 Kenyatta’s final look
10:38 Model 3 Adrienne – Shade Dark
12:26 Adrienne’s final look

You can find these products at

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FTC Disclosure: Products sponsored for review. I’ve reviewed these products and liked them so much that I also bought some of the products featured in this video. I am not affiliated with the company and not paid to make this video. These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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