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Asian Health and Beauty Secrets – Creme Bath Hair Treatment by

There is so much truth in the old cliche of ‘having a bad hair day. Feeling bad about the cut, style, touch, bounce and
shimmer of our hair – or; more precisely, the lack of these affects our morale like nothing else. But justlike our skin,
our hair is a barometer of our general health; it becomes duller and lankier to the more tired and poorly nourished
weare. It needs fresh ain fresh foods, sleep and low stress levels to maintain its shine. It also depends on a healthy
scalp; a good scalp massage activates hair follicles and reduces tension in our heads.

One of the most striking features of tropical Asian women’s beauty is their sleek and shiny hair.
Historically their locks have been so lustrous precisely because of the lack of women who tout those thick black
tresses detergents available to them and their consequent reliance on nature’s yield.Today, shampoo has taken over
from coconut oil for washing, but hair remains a major focus – of beauty ritual, and all manner of natural
produce – flowers, oils, plant matter – are regularly applied to keep it glossy Added this, the traditional Asian diet
based on fruit, vegetables, whole grains and oily fish is perfect nourishment for healthy hair.

While proper cleaning and conditioning provides some of the best protection from environmental attack,
manufactured hair products that contain harsh stripping chemicals can do more harm than good. This chapter
highlights some more natural remedies, tried and tested by the very women who tout those thick black tresses
that speak for themselves.

Creme Bath Hair Treatment

The creme bath is synonymous with hair salons everywhere in Asia where hair is a major focus of beauty ritual. It is one of the most popular methods of maintaining the sleek and shiny texture for which Asian womens hair isrenowned.

Although often referred to as a ‘traditional’ head treatment, the creme bath is based on a manufactured product, namely a rich conditioning cream, whose thick glutinous consistency thoroughly coats the hair like icing. After steaming, it is washed off to leave hair superlatively soft and shiny.

Natural ingredients are often added to the creme bath product to treat specific hair conditions. The St Gregory Javana Spa in Singapore offers Indonesian-produced hair cremes for specific hair types for their 90-minute Mandi Kepala.

The therapists run their creme-coated fingers through section after section of hair leaving your head feeling cool, clammy, heavy and ‘gooey’. Then lie back to the touch of rhythmic finger movements that massage the scalp and gradually move down the neck and shoulders. While you drift off into limbo, the creme is stimulating the scalp and the hair follicles and softening and strengthening the strands of hair.

Natural Creme Bath Additives

Here are some of the flavours recommended for specific hair conditions : Carrot: for hair growth Henna: for nourishing dry or permed hair Avocado: for feeding dry hair Ginseng: for strengthening the hair roots Celery: for increasing hair elasticity Aloe vera: for a general hair food Candlenut: for promoting glossy, dark hair Seaweed: for stimulating hair growth Egg: for healing dry hair and split ends.


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