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HAIR TUTORIAL: Get Wavy Hair Without Any Heat Tools by:

let’s be a little bit nicer to our hair by reducing the amount of heat we use on it =)

Sorry for the creepy silence at the end of the video. I was in a rush to go and my sister was in the room so I didn’t want to talk, haha.

What You’ll Need:
1) Optional: Mousse, Gel, or Spray Gel (The one I usually use is Tresemme’s 24 hour body sculpting spray gel)
3) 3 Elastic Bands, 1 bobby pin
4) Hair Spray (I’m using Aussie’s aussome volume)
5) Optional: Root boosting spray (I’m using Sunsilk’s anti flat volumizing creme)

it’s also a time saver.
1) Do this before you go to sleep, so when you wake up you can just unroll the buns and have wavy hair then leave to wherever you need to go. This is also comfortable to sleep in because when you do the two bun or one bun method, it does cause discomfort to sleep with, but you should be able to relax doing this technique.


2) 15 minutes before heading out, make the buns and spray with a thicker layer of hairspray. In the time waiting for the buns, do your makeup, wash your face, eat, etc. After 15 minutes, take out the buns and spray with hairspray again and a root boosting spray if desired.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned from it. Thanks for watching.

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xoxo Tracey

DISCLAIMER: All products used were purchased with my own money. I am not affliated with any of the companies that produce these products.

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