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Butterfly Eye Makeup by: KlairedelysArt

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Checkout E’s versionl!:D

For this collaboration both of us did a look inspired by a butterfly, this is an interpretation of how we would translate that to makeup 🙂

This is an improved version of my last butterfly look. I prefer this one because it dose not go anywhere near the crease so you could wear something like this for 24 hours and it will not budge 🙂

For the paper wing I first drew it on black paper and then cut it out using a craft knife (if you do this be CAREFUL) I then painted it with nail varnish 🙂

I bought the ring I’m wearing in the sales section in boots.

Music by Rick Horrocks:

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What I used:

Two Faced Shadow Insurance:

Barry M Bold Black Eyeliner:

Sugarpill Eyeshadow in Bulletproof:
UK :­tml

What I used:
Barry M Dazzle Dusts in:

-Cherry Red:
-Pink/Gold (*):
-Electric Blue (*):
-Bronze (*):

-e.l.f Concealer Brush:

-Fero Shimmering Holographic Highlighter:…

-Fero Concealer Brush:

-Paris Berlin Silver Glitter:

Nail Art Brushes:…

Rhinestone Wheel:…

Royal Lash Glue:

The items marked above with a (*) were send to me for free/consideration. I do not use anything which I do not like regardless of weather it was sent to me for free or bought with my own money

Butterfly Masquerade Makeup Tutorial by Bebexo

More pictures and list of products used here:

This was my first attempt at this look so here are some things I would do different for next time.
1. Skip the blue gel liner as an eyeshadow base. I had a hard time removing this.
2. Apply foundation first and not after the mask is done LOL I’m a such a n00b..
3. Use a black gel liner that’s not so waterproof. I had to wash my face 3 times that night to remove everything completely! -_- Not fun..
…That’s it!

Circle lens are Dueba Big DM23 in grey from
Black Lace Dress from
Brushes are from
^ Receive a free gift with your purchase of $30 or more!
Black Velco thing on my hair is called Dariya Hair Magic Sheet. I also have them in pink and blue! ^_^…

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