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= ☠ Bellatrix Lestrange = Hair Tutorial = by: Audfaced

“Itty … bitty … baby .. Potter …”

This dark but swift tutorial will show you how to style your hair in the way of Bellatrix Lestrange. Some of these exact steps may not work for everyone, due to the diverse nature of how their hair reacts and holds up. However, in general this should help those with straight, wavy or combination hair of all lengths. Remember to just keep your reference pictures at hand and keep tweaking and adjusting what looks right on YOU. But the main 3 steps to this is 1) Curl all of your hair, 2) Tease it and 3) Pin it up + Lots of continuous hairspray.

Just be prepared to spend a good amount of time detangling your hair after wearing this ~ it’s going to get rather twisted.

If you’d like to watch my makeup tutorial for a Bellatrix Inspired look, please go here:

To watch the Bellatrix Inspired photoshoot I styled, shot & edited please go here:

* Hairbrush
* Heat Protection Serum or Spray
* Hot Curling Iron
* Firming/Stiffening/Strong Hold Hair Spray
* Hair Clamps
* Bobby Pins (same color as your hair or close to it)
* Bellatrix Reference Pictures


My Bellatrix Makeup Tutorial:

My Bellatrix Photoshoot

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I hope this tutorial helps all of you lovely ladies dressing up as Bellatrix 😉 Have fun!


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