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Angry Birds Make Up Tutorial in 3D For Halloween How To (Face, Beak and Hair) by: pursebuzz

Angry Birds Make Up Tutorial
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Voted as one of the most popular halloween for 2011. Here is a fun Halloween tutorial for the kids or someone who wants something fun and simple. I love the 3D beak and brows. LOL Brush the brows to make them bushy. Don’t make it harder than it is and just have fun with it. Perfect last minute tutorial that will get a lot of attention. For more sexy sophisticated looks check out my other Halloween Tutorials.
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Diamond Powder…

Like Pursebuzz!!!
Make Up Tutorial costs extra 😀 unless you have gold, black and red already.
So the costume itself was a whooping $5. Gotta love being creative and doing your own thing. Pair it up with a tube dress or something cute from your collection.

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