Haunted House Halloween Nail Art by: IHaveACupcake

❤Nail Art Supplies❤ http://www.cupcakenailart.com
A somewhat easy haunted house design … with glitter!!!. I have room left for a few more requests =)

5 Fridays left till Halloween!! These are the videos I already have a design for. If you have any requests feel free to leave a comment. I cannot guarantee that it will be chosen but I will write it down and if I come up with a design for it I’ll make a video ^_^
►Hello Kitty
►Haunted House
►Monsters (halloween monsters like dracula, witches, mummies, etc.)

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Music is “Insomnia” by Josh Woodward

Thank you so much for watching and please subscribe, rate and comment for lots more videos!! =D

I was not paid to use any of the products in the video nor am I affiliated with them in any way. I did not receive any of the products for free, they were all bought with my own money.


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