Halloween Nails: Cute Mummy by: dying4chocolate

This is the same Cute Mummy tutorial that I uploaded last August. I had to re-upload it. Just edited a bit more and added new music. Think of it as new and improved 😉

For other Halloween ideas, check out Halloweencostume.com’s blog:http://www.halloweencostumes.com/blog/post/2011/07/15/top-25-halloween-makeup…

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Song title: The Other Side of the Door
Provided by: Kevin MacLeod

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  1. Your mummies look cute! I tried mummy nails (have them right now fyi) and I just can not draw a smooth straight line to save my life!! Haha. They aren’t perfect but they’re still cute. I just wish I could have nice smooth lines like yours. I guess more practice is in store. 🙂

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