A Makeup Transformation : Me as Jessica Rabbit !!!! by: dope2111

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I just got so excited to see all the request to do this Look.I couldn’t wait even a day so i grabbed my Palettes and got off to work .
Hope you guys enjoy watching this Transformation .Drawing the fake eyelid kind of reminded me of my hello kitty Gaga Eyes LOL 😀
Its super easy fun look.
The plump lips are the funnest part .

Products :
Urban decay Palette : Purple ,Black and white eyeshadows
Coastel scents 88 Palette : Matte Brown and the Red Eyeshadow for lips
Eyeliner :Artliner in black from Lancome
Lashes : Bitchslap cosmetics
Lipgloss:Exotic orchid Lancome
Contact lens :Geo Tri color Grey from Pinkyparadise.com
Wig : http://cgi.ebay.com/Anime-Cosplay-Wig-Long-Candy-Apple-Red-Hair-Wigs-6947-/14…



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