Heath Ledger Joker Makeup – How to do the Scarred Joker by: TheTilly


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EDIT: ALL THE THINGS I USE CAN BE FOUND ON EBAY! I don’t know local stores that carry most of these items on a day-to-day bases. If you live in another country, sorry. I can’t help you. I don’t LIVE in your country, so I have no idea where you can get the makeup. I ordered all mine from ebay.

When you’re done with your scars and want to remove them, simply peel it off. If you did it right, it’ll come off in one go without any issues. Make sure you READ THE BOTTLE’S DIRECTIONS BEFORE APPLYING IT TO YOUR SKIN! This is a chemical and you COULD be allergic to it!

Hi guys! You’ll notice in the beginning, I showed you a bunch of stuff. I was planning on making this into a Scars and Makeup, but decided not to upload the makeup parts because I ran out of time.

So, this is how I do the Joker’s scars.

SONG: I’m not a Hero; Dark Knight Soundtrack.

Seriously, awesome soundtrack. You should get it.

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