Makeup Artists’ Secrets: Great Products, Summer Tips, and Makeup Trends

We had an insightful conversation with an amazing makeup artist from the exclusive Santa Barbara County, Veronica of She specializes in beautiful, long lasting and  effortless make up applications. She is a skilled in a variety of fields including Print, Runway, TV, Special occasions, and more!

What makeup products should no girl live without?

I love mascara! It opens the eyes and gives every woman that extra something drawing attention upwards which is always good especially as we age. I have a moisturizing, light diffusing concealer pen that I just adore; a must have! It covers shadows, is perfect for touch-ups during the day because it is light enough in consistency that it can be worn over powder, and never looks cakey. It gives tired heavy eyes a wake up. A good powder to set the look for the day with just a hint of shimmer is a main stay because that hint of shimmer  is light reflective which means skin imperfections are camouflaged. I sell a lot of really good products exclusively they are the same products that I use on my clients and myself because I believe on them, and they happen to photograph the very best.

What products do you use the most in the summer?

During the summer when humidity is at a high, I usually like a nice barely there look with a tinted moisturizer or a moisturizing foundation followed by a good matte it product so you don’t sweat it off. The Body Shop has a few or if you are on a tight budget then you could always use milk of magnesia to prime your face prior to applying any makeup. Ladies with oily skin will benefit from this all the time.

What makeup trends do you think will be popular this fall?

I am not a big fan of trends I believe anything goes with makeup as long as it is applied properly and you are comfortable with it, confidence is always sexy. That said there are a few rules of thumbs to follow when applying makeup i.e.: If you go heavy on the eye then go light on the lips and vice versa that way you stay balanced.



We care about looking good and feeling great! And we hope these tutorials help you do just that!

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