Moonlight Seduction by MichellePhan

I was inspired by the moonlight and how mysterious it looks behind the clouds. There is nothing I love more than cruising at 3 am in the morning with the music and moonroof open on the empty highway…looking at the citylight’s reflection from the waters. Promise was a great model (PLEASE BE NICE! SO MANY PEOPLE ARE BEING SO RUDE. If you have nothing nice to say, just don’t say anything because you don’t realize how hurtful words can be to someone), she has monolids. It may not seem like she does in the video, but it’s because of the way we angled the camera. Check out her tutorials!

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I use IQQU acne serum, it’s part of my daily skin care regime to keep my face clear!
I exfoliate my skin using iQQU’s Jasmine Rice Scrub $15.00
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Promise’s Youtube Channel. Subscribe to her if you like her!
Music by
Late Night Alumni
“Smells Like Teen Spirit”

My contacts are from
Solotica HIDROCOR in Ice
Promise is wearing
Solotica HIDROCHARME in Ice

Lancome Ombre Perfecteur
Shu Uemura Lash Curler
L’oreal Lineur Intense Eyeliner…
Bobbi Brown Rose Shimmer Brick Compact
MAC – Lady Gaga Viva Glam…




We care about looking good and feeling great! And we hope these tutorials help you do just that!

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