Cheryl Cole Parachute Music Video Inspired Makeup by KlairedelysArt

My website:
When I first started recording this look I wanted it to look identical to Cheryl’s look in Parachute but I didn’t like how the black rhinestones looked on me so I decided to add in silver ones too. Enjoy 🙂

Music by BoysWithADream:

What I used:
-Bourjous 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation (£8) :…
-Sigma Brushes:
-Costal Scents Brow Tones (£6*):…
-Costal Scents Chisel Shader (I do not recommend this brush for anything else other than filling in the brows as it’s quite rough) (£2.45*) :…
-Shadow Worx Primer (£9.19*):…
-e.l.f Studio Lip Gloss in Miami (£3.50) :
-Sleek Chaos Pallet (£6.47) :
-Costal Scent DLX Sable Shader (* £3.15):…
-e.l.f Small Angled Brush (£3.50) :
-Sigma E45 Small Tapered Blending (£5.51 *)
-Costal Scents Blending Fluff (£3*):…
-Barry M Glitter Dust in Black Purple (£4.49*):
-e.l.f C Shaped Brush (£3.50) :
-e.l.f Fan Brush (£3.50) :
-e.l.f Natural Lashes (£1.50) :
-Royal Lash Glue (£3):
-Nail Art Brush (if you use these for makeup DO NOT use them for your nails too. Just for makeup) (£2) : 01?pt=UK_Health_Beauty_Nails_Manicure_Pedicure_CA&hash=item43a55b6ec1
-Barry M Black Eyeliner (£3) :
-Black Rhinestones(£3):…
-Silver Rhinestones (£2) :…

The items marked above with a (*) were send to me for free/consideration. I do not use anything which I do not like regardless of weather it was sent to me for free or bought with my own money.
I make videos for the e.l.f uk channel so I am sent many of their products, however I am NOT paid by them. I also make videos for the BarryM channel but again I am not paid by them.I am a Sigma Brushes affiliate which means that if somebody buys Sigma brushes I get a commission from the sale.


We care about looking good and feeling great! And we hope these tutorials help you do just that!

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