Scarab Beetle Nails by KlairedelysArt

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I got the idea for this one when I was doing the tutorial showing how to make the Illamasqua Nail Claws, I’ve gotten so many ideas since then!! I’m planning on doing one for a butterfly too 🙂 For these kinds of nails you don’t wear them on all the fingers (you can if you want though) They look much better if you just have one on each thumb and then have the other nails with a nail varnish which is similar.

Music by Deem:

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What I used:
-False Nails (you can get these in pretty much any pharmacy or shop)
-e.l.f Black Nail Varnish:
-George Nail Varnish (You can get these at ASDA I’ve already listed the names in the video:)
-Small Rhinestones:…
-e.l.f Mattifying Nail Varnish:
DISCLAIMER: Everything in this video was bought and paid for by me 🙂



We care about looking good and feeling great! And we hope these tutorials help you do just that!

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