Looped Side Bun using Luxy Hair Extensions by ForeverYours0727

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So it was HIGHLY requested by so many of my lovely subscribers to do a video using my Luxy Hair Extensions. If you have been subscribed to me for a while, you know that I posted a video a few months ago showing how to put the extensions in (it was my first time !) And i loved the way it looked. I have gotten lots of questions if these extensions are still working for me and if they are still in good quality. Yes ! They are ! These extensions are my favorite and I absolutely love the Luxy Sisters who sell them 🙂 I was sponsored these extensions a year or so ago. I never got the chance to wear them more than 3 or 4 times because I kept dying my hair too dark 😦 So my hair finally matches now ! Im so excited for everyone to see this tutorial and I think you will all love it ! If you have your own hair extensions, definately try it out ! 🙂 I will post more tutorials soon using these luxy hair extensions as well. Thanks for watching !!
Luxy Hair Extensions:
The Luxy Sisters !!!
Please subscribe to them for AWESOME hair tutorials. They are both the most sweetest and generous people that I know here on Youtube 🙂
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FTC: All products shown in the video were purchased by me with my own money except the luxy hair extentions which were gifted for reviewing purposes a year or so ago. I love these extension and would highly recommend them to anyone !!! All opinions are 100% my my own and hones

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  1. Hello ladies!
    You really need to calm down about the Luxy Hair Extensions that you all love so much…You have the Luxy Fever but you guys are paying 63.00 more than you should be paying. All the nonsence about their prices being wholesale its NOT TRUE!! Wholesale is 65.00 per 10 wefts!
    Luxy Hair its not a company that came up with their own brand.
    They are using a dropshipping company, that is located in Texas USA the only thing came up with is their pink package! Its not like they went to china and had it custom made! Think about that! LUXY AND FOXY have the same droppshiper. They are the same hair! We ordered from Luxy and Foxy and compare them! SAME
    They tangle right? Specially the bottom weft? YES! Pay attention they are 60% hair and 40% syntetic,why do you think they are so dry after washing and not shiny? Because they are mix with syntetic and once washed they loose the gloss they were dipped in. That does not happen to REAL HAIR. ALSO you can bleach real hairextensions no problem but they recomend not too… WHY? Because they will turn yellow, syntetis turns yellow… Every wording on their website is stollen from different website for hair extension: DREAM HAIR for example, has the same supplier, and they used up all her wording and switched up a little bit. All this pretending to be so great and love world peace and beautifull people is to grab your attention and than sell!!! Do you know them personally? NO! the reason why you buy it its cuz you see the tutorials but you need to understand they use different extension every two weeks cuz they get dry and they are not shiny forever specially with all the curling. Thats why they look so shiny always.
    BEAUTY EXTEND is another girl that sells the SAME hair!!! for 48.00 sometimes!!! We have invested a lot of time in to this and we letting you know dont be fooled,,,, Not even one wording from their website is their own, not even the return and exchange policy! ITS A COPY PASTE BUSINESS!!! sad but true…
    ANGEL HAIR has the same hair also, so NO they are not something that was born one yaer ago, somethin new.. it was JUST a COPY of what else its out there…
    ITS a DROPPSHIPPING BUSINESS… all the negative posts are removed as we all know..
    When you see them with the hair they are smooth and silky but thats only when they are not moving too much. If you go out and dance and be crazy the hair is a disaster..Also they telling you the hair has to be conditioned… NO, its a death hair it will not absorb the moisture! Its logic right, once death or cut off it will not absorb, correct? SO stop wasting your conditioner…
    Hope i opened some of your eyes!

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