The Secrets to Making Your Makeup Last Longer

Tip 1: Protect Your Skin
Unless you want your skin to tan darker throughout the day, be sure to wear skincare products that contain SPF while outside, says Smashbox Cosmetics artist Green. She uses SPF formulas on models to keep their skin from tanning and appearing inconsistent in photos during all-day shoots.
Try: Olay Complete Daily Defense UV Moisturizer SPF 30, $14.99

Tip 2: Blot A Lot
“A lot of people make the mistake of toning down shine with powder puff and face powder, which can be problematic,” says Green, who uses blotting papers instead. “If you’re hot, sweaty, and shiny, you don’t want to add powder onto oil and perspiration, you’ll get a floury, chalky mess!” Instead, blot forehead, nose, upper chin, and the area above the eyebrows with tissue or blotting papers to absorb oils without disturbing makeup.
Try: MAC Blot Film, $12.50

Tip 3: Cool off Your Body
“Don’t expect to apply perfect makeup as soon as you jump out of the shower,” Green says. “All it’s going to do is absorb into skin and make you break out. If you’re hot and sweaty post-shower, allow yourself ten minutes to let your body cool down before applying makeup.” On the go? Green suggests carrying a portable, paper fan to cool off whenever you feel sweaty while Stern suggests keeping a facial mist in your bag for “a refreshing boost.”
A mist to try: Shu Uemura Depsea Water Facial Mist, $24

Tip 4: Use a Primer
“[It] helps makeup cling on to skin a little tighter for longer-lasting grip and keeps you from getting oily and greasy during the day,” Green says. Another option (great for guys too): Dab a little bit of anti-shine gel under or over makeup to take down the gleam of oily skin.
Try: Lola Refine Shine Anti-Shine Gel, $24

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