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How To Create a Soft Wearable Smokey Latina Makeup Look: Beauty Maven Panacea81

We found a great video by Beauty Maven Panacea81. She goes through the process of creating a smokey Latina makeup look.  Below are the products she used to create the look check it out!

Bylaurenluke eye primer both together
Bylaurenluke my smokey classics palette
cashmere cream eye shadow
twilight ash eye shadow

Benefit bad gal liner black
Benefit bad lash mascara
Estee lauder bronzer
MAC eye brow pencil stud
MAC m.a.c red lipstic

Eye Catching Shadows

eyeshadowSt. Paddy's Day Smoky Green Eyeshadow CloseupWaiting for Spring EOTD 5Rainbow Eye
O _ ODaisy Disaster Makeup - Makeup for Green EyesPeacock 6Florné - Hair Design & MakeupWatermelon Eyes

Eye Catching Shadows, a gallery on Flickr.

We found the most beautiful eyeshadow makeup on flicker. These talented ladies took our breath away!

4 Easy-to-Recreate African-American Hairstyles

1. Angell Conwell

For bouncy, defined curls, start by applying a heat protecting defining gel like Ouidad Climate Control Gel, $22 to damp hair. Diffuse until dry then wrap quarter-inch sections of hair around a small-barrel curling iron. Curl sections of hair in different directions to create texture. Then, once your entire head is curled, rake in a small amount of hair cream like Hamadi Beauty Shea Hair Cream, $24 to individually piece out curls to add further definition, says Pohl.

2. Tatyana Ali

To get this glam, curly updo, start by applying a gel that will relax your hair and protect it from heat styling like Davines Defining Relaxing Fluid, $19.99. Next, blow dry hair using a round brush, making sure to lift it at the roots while directing hair flow from the dryer downwards to create mega volume and shine. Once hair is dry, start wrapping small sections of hair around a small-barreled iron (try Amika Tourmaline Clip-Free Curler, $128). To create the updo, spin individual curls around a finger and start pinning them to the back of your head, leaving front pieces out to frame your face. Finish by misting with a strong-hold hairspray, says Pohl.

3. Gabrielle Union

To get loose waves, apply a setting lotion and blow dry hair straight. Lightly mist small sections of hair with hairspray like Kerastase Double Force Multi-Protective Hairspray, $36 before wrapping around a one-and-a-quarter-inch iron. Next, put a bit of texturizer like L’Oréal Professional Texture Expert Lumi Controle, $22.99 into your hands and rake through your curls with your fingers to add definition.

4. Jennifer Hudson

For a thick, on-trend side braid, start by applying a small amount of hair wax like Aveda Light Elements Defining Whip, $24 to palms and rub hands together to emulsify. Work the product evenly through dry hair with fingertips. Use a comb to tease the bottom half of your hair to create the gritty texture and volume then pull hair to one side and begin braiding. Secure with an elastic and then use your hands to loosen up the braid for that messy-in-a-good way look, says Pohl.

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4 Things a Makeup Counter Salesperson Doesn’t Want You to Know

No. 1: Germs are everywhere :

While most makeup counter artists and salespeople clean the makeup brushes (a common breeding ground for bacteria) after they use them from one customer to the next, you can never really trust any brush that isn’t yours, says one former Estee Lauder artist.

But “it’s not the brushes consumers should worry about, it’s really the products themselves,” she says. “No matter how many times a day the sales rep cleans them, people love to come stick their dirty fingers in the colors to test them. It’s amazing! Women walk right up to the counter, grab a lipstick tester and put it right to their lips. I think that’s one of the most shocking things about working at the counter — the general public’s complete disregard for bacteria,” she concludes.

No. 2: You can get a refund on almost anything

While the return policies differ, most big department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s are notorious for giving full refunds or store credit back for products that have been used — and used more than once. You can test a makeup product several times before you decide whether it’s right for you.

One former salesperson said that Nordstrom’s policies are so lax that they were even giving cash back to a man that they knew was stealing perfumes off the counter of the nearby Macy’s and “returning” them to Nordstrom. Why? Because “they didn’t want to make a scene in the store.”

No. 3:  They play on your insecurities

Do you feel special when a salesperson says you are pretty or goes on about how great your skin is? Well, for the most part, they are complimenting everyone.

“Usually if I compliment them, they open up about what they are looking for,” says one former makeup artist. She says she found that women were “shy and self-conscious” and that with a little “boost” from her, they were more likely to talk to her about their skin or makeup concerns and buy products.

No. 4:  They make things up

“Cosmetic training in a department store or beauty supply focuses mostly on sales and not about product knowledge, which is unfortunate,” says one former counter makeup artist.

“We do learn mediocre product information, but that doesn’t come until several months after working there, so we spend the first couple months making stuff up or sharing our limited experience,” she says. “I would generalize that most beauty advisors know a little more than what the average woman does about beauty,” and the ones that make “good money” off commissions are “sales people, not beauty experts,” she concludes.

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The Perfect Liquid and Gel Eyeliner Tutorial

We found a great eyeliner tutorial from Beauty Maven Kandee Johnson.Here are her tips and tricks for getting perfect liquid or winged liner, using either liquid liner or gel eyeliner. And her special trick for getting the perfect eye liner brush! To find more info on her check out the links below:

Daily kandee: http://www.kandeej.com my FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/kandeethemakeupartist TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/kandeejohnson
My personal BLOGGY: http://www.kandeeland.com
My other youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/thekandeejohnsonshow

How to get the Jennifer Lopez “I’m Into You” Makeup Look By MissJesicaHarlow

Watch this great tutorial by Beauty Maven Miss Jessica Harlow! Check out the links below:

List of products used — http://bit.ly/iQ7zpO

Click to Tweet! — http://clicktotweet.com/i5d7a

Visit Her Site! — http://www.jessicaharlow.com

Follow Her “Glamorous” Life — http://www.twitter.com/jessicaharlow

Facebook — http://www.facebook.com/missjessicaharlow

Find out more about BHCosmetics: http://lx.im/1cEee
http://facebook.com/bhcosmetics and http://twitter.com/bhcosmetics

The Secrets to Making Your Makeup Last Longer

Tip 1: Protect Your Skin
Unless you want your skin to tan darker throughout the day, be sure to wear skincare products that contain SPF while outside, says Smashbox Cosmetics artist Green. She uses SPF formulas on models to keep their skin from tanning and appearing inconsistent in photos during all-day shoots.
Try: Olay Complete Daily Defense UV Moisturizer SPF 30, $14.99

Tip 2: Blot A Lot
“A lot of people make the mistake of toning down shine with powder puff and face powder, which can be problematic,” says Green, who uses blotting papers instead. “If you’re hot, sweaty, and shiny, you don’t want to add powder onto oil and perspiration, you’ll get a floury, chalky mess!” Instead, blot forehead, nose, upper chin, and the area above the eyebrows with tissue or blotting papers to absorb oils without disturbing makeup.
Try: MAC Blot Film, $12.50

Tip 3: Cool off Your Body
“Don’t expect to apply perfect makeup as soon as you jump out of the shower,” Green says. “All it’s going to do is absorb into skin and make you break out. If you’re hot and sweaty post-shower, allow yourself ten minutes to let your body cool down before applying makeup.” On the go? Green suggests carrying a portable, paper fan to cool off whenever you feel sweaty while Stern suggests keeping a facial mist in your bag for “a refreshing boost.”
A mist to try: Shu Uemura Depsea Water Facial Mist, $24

Tip 4: Use a Primer
“[It] helps makeup cling on to skin a little tighter for longer-lasting grip and keeps you from getting oily and greasy during the day,” Green says. Another option (great for guys too): Dab a little bit of anti-shine gel under or over makeup to take down the gleam of oily skin.
Try: Lola Refine Shine Anti-Shine Gel, $24

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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Mascara

Tip 1

If you have a traditional brush wand, improve lash separation while applying mascara by moving the wand in a swift, zig-zag fashion from lash root to tip as opposed to one sweeping motion.

Tip 2

Don’t forget to coat your inner lashes. “Many women only apply mascara to the middle and outer corners of their lashes,” says Hezekiah. This can give off an illusion that changes your eye shape, making them look closer together or more narrow. Think of your lashes as a fan with three sections. You want to amplify every section of the fan—middle, outer side, and inner side—to really open up your eyes and flatter your eye shape.

Tip 3

Dab the tip of your mascara on a tissue to get rid of the glob that tends to form there. This will keep you from getting uneven, goopy product distribution, especially on your shorter lashes.

Tip 4

It’s okay to bend your wand to help you reach smaller lashes. (You can always bend it back carefully.) It’s a great, cost-effective option if you don’t want to buy a separate mascara with a bent-wand applicator like Napoleon Perdis Long Black Mascara, $22.

Tip 5

If you use a lash primer, particularly a white one (like that in Jane MaxLash 2 Mascara & Primer in black, $4.99), wait ten to thirty seconds for the primer to dry, then apply your mascara. This keeps the color of your mascara from looking “diluted” (i.e. gray instead of black).

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The Five Worst Cities for Your Skin

By: Total Beauty.com (June 2009)

Before blowing your next paycheck dermatologist’s office or on pricey skin care products, take a closer look at the place you call home. We looked at pollution levels, sunshine and humidity averages, skin cancer, smoking rates, and even tanning salons per capita to determine which U.S. locales could be disastrous for your skin. Did your city make the list?

No. 5: Charleston, West Virginia
West Virginia’s capital city is also the country’s unofficial capital for tanning salons. With a staggering thirty-four tanning salons per capita, Charleston—along with being polluted and stiflingly humid (83 percent humidity on average)—is the U.S. city most addicted to those harmful “UV coffins” (a.k.a. tanning booths). Take a hint from our favorite bronzed celebs and spend the tanning dollars on some self-tanner instead: these tips will show you how to achieve their look, sans skin damage.

No. 4: Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix residents need to beware of the skin damage trifecta: Pollution, sunshine (85 percent of days are sunny annually), and dry heat (only 50 percent average humidity). Lack of humidity can cause skin to dry out, making it more likely to wrinkle, says Bank. If not properly protected, this combo could leave you with dry, deep wrinkles and a high risk of skin cancer. Sounds like Arizonans could use one of these antioxidant-rich sunscreens to protect them from skin damaging free radicals and UV rays.

No. 3: Las Vegas, Nevada
Sin City residents are likely committing skin sins on a daily basis, even if they aren’t spending late nights in the clubs and casinos. The stress level and smoking rate are through the roof here, and the year-round sunshine and only 39 percent average humidity doesn’t help the good skin cause. If you call Las Vegas home, slather on an antioxidant infused moisturizing lotion and plenty of SPF daily.

No. 2: Houston, Texas

The Lone Star State’s largest city has very high ozone pollution combined with a high smoking rate and 90 percent humidity (our pores are clogging just thinking about it). And it looks like H-Town wreaks havoc on more than just skin because it also made our list of the worst hair cities.

No. 1: Bakersfield, California

The American Lung Association ranks Bakersfield as the city most polluted by year-round particle pollution. The area’s dry, stagnant weather doesn’t help matters either (nasty pollutants and no fresh, cool air to blow them away). This combined with Bakersfield’s record-high sunshine and heat makes this Cali locale a combat zone for your skin. As Dr. Kunin explains, the actual particle pollution obviously isn’t good for skin, but what’s even more damaging is when the pollution depletes the ozone layer and allows stronger, more damaging UV rays to reach us; Bakersfield is the second most ozone-polluted city.

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