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What is the One Makeup Product We Can’t Live Without?

“If you were stuck on a desert island with a cute guy and had access to only one makeup product what would that product be?”  One of the toughest questions any Makeupista (makeup guru) has to face. When we posed this question on  the top result was:

  • Eyeliner

The items that came in next were mascara followed closely by lipstick/lipgloss. My choice was mascara. Time to spill the secret ladies: what makeup product can’t you live without?

Top 3 brands we have in our makeup bags

We love to know what our friends have in their makeup bags. So this week we went around asking the online community on facebook and flikr. We found that the top 3 brands most have in their makeup bags are:

  1. Mac
  2. Bare Minerals
  3. Maybelline

They also had some of the major brands like Cover Girl, Revlon, but I did find some interesting new companies that caught my attention.

  1. Boots UK a major British brand known as the #1 cosmetic and skin care company
  2. Too Faced: Makeup artist Jerrod Blandino and industry business manager Jeremy Johnson
  3. Noevir a large cosmetics company from Japan

So ladies what top three brands do you have in your makeup bag?

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